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Cross-border e-commerce paves new channels for hardware exports


Recently, at the 2019 China International Hardware Show (CIHS), eBay, the global e-commerce leader, established a group of 100 large Chinese sellers to help sellers to deepen the docking tools, locks, DIY and horticultural products and other Chinese hardware leading brands and professional foreign trade. Dachang promotes China's high-quality hardware products and brands to the world. In the same period, the White Paper on Cross-border E-commerce Exports of China's Hardware Products jointly issued by China Hardware Products Association shows that China's hardware industry clusters and cross-border hotspots are highly coincident, and it is expected to aggregate industry and e-commerce ecological resources, thus generating leverage effect. This provides a new way of thinking about cross-border export development for the transformation and upgrading of China's hardware industry.

Since the 1990s, China's hardware industry has grown from large to strong, and has become the world's most important hardware producer and exporter, forming a large number of globally competitive regional industrial clusters and manufacturing enterprises. From the ordering OEM to the self-built brand, and gradually on the international stage. At the same time, the global technological development and the improvement of the economic level have promoted the global consumer demand for hardware products, and the scale of the hardware industry has expanded rapidly, presenting a boom in price.

"As a new form of trade, cross-border e-commerce has provided a new channel for Chinese hardware companies to break through the bottleneck of industrial products sales such as long-term offline development of customers, which can help related products to quickly enter the international market." China Hardware Products Association Zhang Dongli, chairman of the board of directors, said that the joint release of the white paper with eBay is of far-reaching significance for the transformation and upgrading of China's hardware industry and the optimization of exports. We welcome the cross-border e-commerce platform to exert the influence of globalization and the professional capabilities of cross-border trade teams to provide all-round support for Chinese hardware products companies, helping China's hardware products industry to sail in cross-border business.

Zheng Changqing, general manager of eBay International Cross-border Trading Division in China, said that China is the world's largest hardware supply base. The main export destination market for hardware products is highly coincident with eBay's main market. It is the star category of fast-growing sales on the eBay platform. The road of cross-border e-commerce exports of hardware products has become unstoppable. “eBay hopes to cooperate with China Hardware Products Association to help more quality hardware sellers to explore the 'Brand Road' through product docking, data support, market analysis and other value-added services, to help them optimize their selection, aggregate resources and develop leadership. Market trends and cutting-edge products of consumer demand, effectively helping Chinese hardware products open cross-border export new channels."

According to the statistics of the White Paper, as of 2017, the number of industrial clusters awarded by the China Hardware Products Association has reached 51, which are concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shandong, Hebei and other places. These provinces are hotspots for cross-border e-commerce industries. . At the same time, the main export destinations of Chinese hardware products include the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other countries, which is highly coincident with the main infiltration market of the eBay platform. At the same time, with the support of the national “One Belt, One Road” initiative, China’s online business scope has expanded to more than 100 countries and regions that have signed the “One Belt, One Road” cooperation document, which is diversified and strengthened with the export market of hardware products. The trend of exporting countries along the BRICS and the Belt and Road Initiative is perfectly matched.

“The cross-border e-commerce platform provides us with new channels for opening up the international market with low cost and high efficiency.” Yu Jinwei, general manager of Shanghai Wendeng Power Tools Group, said that the products published on the eBay platform are as good as the quality of the buyers. Positive evaluation and recognition can quickly open up sales, which is very helpful for us to build a brand. At the same time, eBay's flexible logistics policy and comprehensive supporting services have also brought great convenience and help to our online business expansion, which has enhanced our confidence in investing in cross-border e-commerce platforms. The category is placed on the line.

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