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Pliers classification


Pliers is a kind of hand tools for clamping, fixing the workpiece or twisting, bending, cutting the metal wire. The shape of the pliers V-shaped, usually including the handle, pliers and jaw mouth mouth three parts.

Pliers generally made of carbon structural steel, the first forging rolling into the shape of the clamp embryo, and then milling, polishing and other metal cutting, and finally heat treatment. The handle of the pliers is designed in the form of a straight handle, a curved handle and a bow handle according to the form of the handle. The use of pliers often come into contact with live conductors such as wires, so the handle is generally covered with a protective tube made of insulating material such as polyvinyl chloride to ensure operator safety.

Pliers mouth in many forms, common sharp mouth, flat mouth, flat mouth, rounded mouth, beak and other styles to adapt to the different shape of the workpiece needs of the operation. According to its main functions and the nature of use, pliers can be divided into clamping pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, pipe clamps and so on.

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