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Hardware common sense: how to effectively use hardware tools?


Pliers are operated with the right hand. The jaws toward the inside, easy to control the cutting area, with the little finger stretched in the middle of the two pliers to hold the handle, open the pliers, so separate handle flexible.
Electrician commonly used wire clamp 150,175,200 and 250mm and other specifications. According to inside or outside the need to buy. Pliers mouthpiece can also be used to tighten or loosen the nut.

Pliers blade can also be used to cut wire, wire. Cut galvanized wire on the 8th, the application of cutting back and forth around the surface a few times, and then just gently pull the wire that is off.

Insulated plastic pipe pliers pressure 500V or more, with it cut live wire can be charged. Do not throw in use, so as not to damage the insulated plastic pipe.

When using a pliers to hold the ferrule to hold the wire, the pliers pinch the wire and wrap it in a clockwise direction.
Tongue pliers, commonly known as needle nose pliers, is also one of the tools commonly used by electricians, especially inside electricians. Mainly used to cut thin single-strand and multi-strand wire as well as single strand wire connector bending, peeling plastic insulation.
The use of needle nose pliers to bend the wire connector operation method is: first line to the left fold, and then close to the clockwise direction of the screw to the right bend that is a long nose pliers slightly modified, can be used for stripping pliers. The method is: Use electric drill to cut the line with sharp-nosed pliers with a knife edge before drilling? 0.8,? 1.0mm two slots, and then respectively 1.2,1.4mm drill bit slightly expanded Note: Do not expand, so that the two Slot has a thin edge. In this way, one can cut the thread and can cut the needle nose pliers into it! Stripping pliers for the inside electrician, motor repair, instrumentation, electrician one of the tools used. It is suitable for plastic, rubber insulated wire, cable core stripping. How to use: Place the thread to be peeled in the tip of the pliers head. Pinch the two pliers handles with one hand, and then with a loose one, the insulation is detached from the core.

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