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Hardware knowledge hall: needle nose pliers safe use rules


Pliers is a tool used to tighten, and some pliers also have cut off function. There are many types of pliers, but they all have a section for gripping the material, called the "jaws." Jaw control with lever, can produce great clamping force.

Tongue pliers, commonly known as needle nose pliers, is also one of the tools commonly used by electricians, especially inside electricians. Mainly used to cut thin single-strand and multi-strand wire as well as single strand wire connector bending, peeling plastic insulation.

The use of needle-nose pliers bend wire connector operation method is: first line to the left fold, and then close to the clockwise rotation of the screw clockwise to Serve. Small nose pliers slightly modified, can be used for stripping pliers. The method is: use electric drill to cut the line with sharp-nosed pliers with a 0.8,1.0 mm drill before the slot two slots, and then respectively 1.2,1.4mm drill a bit to expand slightly Note: Do not expand, so that these two slots Have a thin edge. In this way, a can cut the thread can also be a long nose pliers changed!

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