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Flying deer teach you to correctly understand the use of pliers


There are many people do not know how to correctly understand and use pliers, the first thing to know is the use of pliers is the right hand operation. The jaws toward the inside, easy to control the cutting area, with the little finger stretched in the middle of the two pliers to hold the handle, open the pliers, so separate handle flexible.

Pliers use method:

① Under normal circumstances, the strength of the pliers is limited, so it can not be used to manipulate the power of the general hand can not reach the work. Especially the smaller or common needle-nose pliers, with which it is possible to damage the jaws when bending strong bar stock.

② general Kesi has three cutting edge, can only be used to cut the wire can not be used to cut the wire.

③ clamp handle can only be used to hold, can not use other methods to force.

So how many types of pliers in everyday life? I'll come back and introduce you! Electrician commonly used wire clamp 150,175,200 and 250mm and other specifications. According to inside or outside the need to buy. Pliers mouthpiece can also be used to tighten or loosen the nut. Pliers knife edge can be used to cut the soft rubber or plastic insulation layer.
Pliers blade can also be used to cut wire, wire. Cut galvanized wire on the 8th, the application of cutting back and forth around the surface a few times, and then just gently pull the wire that is off.铡 mouth can also be used to cut wire, wire and other hard metal wire. Insulated plastic pipe pliers pressure 500V or more, with it cut live wire can be charged. Do not throw in use, so as not to damage the insulated plastic pipe.

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