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According to "mouth" look pliers what


According to different standards can be divided into different categories, where we use is classified according to the shape of the pliers. This is mainly to see the pliers "mouth" that position, can be divided into: needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, oblique nose pliers and so on.


Long nose pliers, is the most commonly used home and electrician a pliers, mainly used to cut off the plastic and wire and other insulation and so on. The wire in the house is not good or broken, and at this moment we can use the needle-nose pliers to repair it. Electrician repair meter or transformer, will also take the needle nose pliers to operate. Put the thread to be cut into the pliers and force it once.


Flat nose pliers, the openings that appear to be flat like a duck's mouth. The difference with the needle-nose pliers is that he is mainly used to pull the metal sheet or bend the metal sheet. Because of its flat shape, it is easy to break a piece of metal, often used in metal parts.

Circular nose pliers, as its name implies, have a round head, but unlike the circular we usually see, this is mainly conical, because it is conical and its tip is slightly pointed. Unlike the two pliers above, it can be used to make jewelry widgets. It is said that before the glory of the Catholic Church also with the nose-nippers, and its rosary beads is the merit of round nose pliers.

Diagonal pliers, which is inclined jaw, so the lethality will be relatively large, diagonal pliers shear force is very strong, basically he can cut off metal products. So it can be used as a tool for making models. Because of the lethality, so be careful when using it.

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